Developers of Hitman, IO Interactive earlier in August said that the first season of the six-episode game, which recently came to an end with a trip to Japan, might get to more seasons if all went according to plan. It would seem things have actually gone according to plan, as production director Hakan Abrak confirmed in an interview with Gamergen that there will be a second season, and that it was currently being developed.

Hitman Season 2 will introduce new cities, as well as some locations from the first season, as Abrak mentioned that there might be a trip to central Paris during the holidays, and this was also a season one location. Of course, there will surely be new “elusive targets” in this new season.

The interesting part according to the statement Abrak made is that:

“For the first time in the history of Hitman, we do not kill everyone [at the end]. “Normally everyone dies except Diana, but not this time. So a base is built, a Hitman in which [we] created deep characters that we will develop for future seasons as well. A bit like a TV series, we can draw a parallel which depends on characters we have followed since and during the previous seasons. Some will come to their end, and we will follow other for a long time.”

Hitman: The Complete First Season, has a disc-based release of the game which includes all six episodes plus three bonus missions, the soundtrack, as well as other contents, and is scheduled to come out in January. The game was created for gaming platforms like; PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows (PC).


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