When you are in a relationship with a girl and you are noticing she doesn’t give much attention to you like before, this article will show you signs to know if she is already lost interest in you or doesn’t like you anymore or hence hates your gut.



Signs to look out for:

1. Look Out for Body Language When She is With You

Observe her body language if she acts uncomfortable around you when you close to her or talking to her, if she portrays the following signs below just know she doesn’t like you

  • when you stand close to her and she stands away immediately and leaves your presence
  • when she crosses her arms when you talk to her
  • If she closes her body every time and not intimate with you
  •  If you find her avoiding eye contact with you every time she is with you

2. if She Keeps or looking for Fights with You over different things that shouldn’t be a problem of cause

When a girl or your girl is angry with you or doesn’t like you, she will always seek your attention and look for your trouble by fighting over things that is irrelevant or look for any small reason to blame you inorder to break up with you by making you fed up with her. in this aspect she will always insult you or look for ways to talk back to you if she gets irritated easily with you.

3. if She keeps Canceling Plans you guys made with each other, it shows she Doesn’t Like You Anymore

If she keeps looking for excuse and cancelling all your plans every time and keeps telling you she is too busy to go out something is going wrong, maybe she is cheating and doesn’t like you. especially if she cancels more than 50% of dates something is definitely wrong.

4. Notice How Often She Touches You

if she does things like holding your hand and caressing you like she often does ,she is interested in you but if she does the opposite and avoids contact with you, she is not into you anymore.

5. Notice Her Behavior With You in Social Gatherings or publicly

If she talks bad about you  in front of others or leaves the room where you at and she talks to another person or man apart from you, then it is a sign she doesn’t want you.

6. Know How Often She Calls or text You 

If your girlfriend stays in touch by texting or calling you ,she loves you but if she refuse to call or text you at all time, it is a sign she doesn’t depend on you again.

7. If She Still Gets Jealous

if she gets jealous when you are speaking with other girls, she still likes you but if she sees you flirting or speaking with other girls and don’t mind but look away, she has lost all love towards you.

8. Try Talking to Her to Know if She Doesn’t Like You Anymore

this is the best way to settle dispute between each other and save your relationship, if you find she keeps ignoring you or fighting with you like she is fed up, ask her what the problem is and know what you have done or keep doing to piss her off and then make her trust you again by ensuring you be better again.

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