The following article will show you the best way to kiss your girl or a girl passionately

How to kiss a girl

1. Get Her Alone with you to Kiss Her passionately for the First Time

This is the first and the most important thing that can make your kiss passionately with more chance of success but if you try to kiss a girl in front of people then she will not want to incase of shyness or she might just think you are a flirt trying to show if. most girls hate publicity and the thought of people watching her when she kisses you among other so take her to a less crowded place which would encourage her to be more free in kissing you. the following things to consider when you want to kiss her alone.

  • Gaze into her eyes, tangle your hands up in hers and pull away.
  • If you are with friends, ask her to hang around when your friends leave.

2. Set the Mood to Kiss Her appropriately for the First Time

when you want to kiss a girl, make sure the atmosphere around you should be romantic and in her favour, the way she wants it. Talk to her alone for a while in a romantic manner and express your feelings. A romantic environment matters a lot when it comes to making out for the first time.

3. Always Compliment Her to make Her want to Kiss You

Girls love compliments alot. this gives you the advantage when she starts to smile and laugh when you say nice things about her and if she is smiling you will have the edge to kiss her passionately without her tilting in negative response. tips on how to compliment or talk romantic

  • Express your words more romantic. Lower your tone of voice and always talk softly as it creates a sense of intimacy.
  • When you talk to her, try and lean close to her where your mouth is almost close to hers
  • you could also whisper in her ear when leaning.

4. Warm up the Sexual Tension between yourselves

To warm up with her, get cozy and close with her by sitting closer to her so that your arm can easily touch against or around hers. Touch her often and run your finger through her hair if you can. Compliment her while touching her to set up the tension,If she blushes or smiles when you touch her then it is a sign that she likes you and you can kiss her, but if she throws away your hands in disgust. meet another babe or find another angle to make her like you and want to kiss you

5. Make Your Intentions Clear when you want to kiss Her passionately

Move your face closer to her face. Don’t stop conversing, say something nice and beautiful to her whilst looking at her eyes closely. stare at her lips dor long and closely to make your intention clear to her on kissing her  while leaning closer and closer before kissing her.

6. Tips to Go ahead For a Kiss with Her Know 

  • Make sure that she wants you to kiss her because it can cause problem if you just do. If you are unsure if she wants the kiss then start with small touches first. If she likes your touches then you can move forward.
  • If you are walking with her then hold her hands intimately.
  • when she is sitting with you, place your arm around her shoulder or waist.
  • Hug her for 4 to 5 seconds. If she likes it then try to move in for a kiss.

7. Signs to know If She Wants to Kiss you too

this are the following signs the girl equally wants to kiss you

  • when she looks at you and you catch her staring at you, if she looks away quickly, she digs you bro.
  • if she starts talking or tries to seek your attentionall the time
  • When you talk to her and she blushes.
  • She starts biting her lips.
  • When you touch her, she leans in for more contact.

8. start slowly when kissing her to Kiss Her Passionately

Start kissing her slowly and softly. Hold her hand when doing so. start with the cheek when kissing. if she smile if you do so then you are doing it right and passionately

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