Have you got the courage to kiss a girl at the movies? if so, why don’t you learn how to kiss agirl or your girlfriend at the movies without any problems. this article shall teach you how

How to kiss a girl at the movie

Tips to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

1. Choose the right movie at the cinema

select the best choice of movie that will set the mood for you and your girl at the movies, most especially girls love to watch something romantic and with more passion and love crap which will make her hormone rise and in the mood for intimacy at the cinema

2. Ask Her Her choice of movies which could make you Kiss Her at the Movies

sometimes you might think you know the right choice of movie to select which could destroy the mood at the movies. if you select any genre of movies that the girl easily get bored to, you will have zero chance of kissing her. inorder to avoid this problem, ask her what she likes to watch at the cinema,let her pick.

3. Set the Mood to Kiss the Girl at the Movies

  • chat and relate with the girl before picking a movie to watch, make sure you build a chemistry and share your interest to make her want you more, do not act scared or afraid to talk.
  • offer her snacks or popcorn and drinks to go to the movies, pick a sit in the movies that feels comfortable for her

4. keep clean, dress cool, prepare Breath Mints and avoid bad odour to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

Pick a dress to wear to make the girl judge you right, dress decent and not poorly, avoid carrying body odour to the movie for it will prevent her from getting close to you and kissing you, take breathmints to freshing the mouth to set the mood for the kiss

5.  Patience is the key to Kissing a Girl at the Movies

don’t move too quick to kiss her at the beginning of the movie for it will make her leave you, sit back wait for the right time to kiss her, know the perfect romantic moment.

6. initiate holding Her Hand to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

if she ask you to hold her hand at the movie it is a sign she likes you, and it will be easy to initiate the kiss, you can also ask to hold hands with her if she refuse to ask you but if she says that she don’t want to hold hands, it means she doesnt consider you at all in the movie, abort mission!

7. Take Kissing Breaks to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

don’t just be kissing every minute of the movie, it will show that you just don’t like her much but want her for her lips and body. every romantic moment in the movie reach to her and kiss her softly, and pause to take a break while still holding her hands and kiss her again at another different time not so close or far away from the first kiss

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