If you are the kind of girl that complains too much about your boyfriend frequent lateness and absence in your life due to his work issue or lifestyle, reading this article will teach you how to control yourself and stop bothering your boyfriend frequently.



1. Understanding his situation is the utmost importance

Being on your boyfriend’s neck is something that can be both discouraging and discomforting. it confuses him at work anytime you are busy creating arguement and problems with your boyfriend just because he is attending to your needs due to his busy hours

2. Socialize with friends to keep yourself busy

This is done by keeping yourself busy with your friends around you to kill the time you have instead of worrying and disturbing your boyfriend

3. Respect His duty and feelings

If truly your boyfriend is busy and you know it is his work that keeps him from being available to you, give him his space and respect he is trying to work for the betterment of the relationship, don’t insult him like he has a choice to leave his work and attend to you, be thoughtful and respectful to his duty.

4. Familiarizing his work schedule

By familiarizing yourself with your boyfriend schedule, it can be easy to know if and when he is available without embarrassing him at all time when he is actually busy. This is the easiest way that can avoid you from bothering him at all time

5. Trust  

When you keep bothering your boyfriend, it either shows that you depend on him too much or you don’t trust him, by thinking he may not actually be working but cheating on you. Showing restrain at all time from calling him and talking to him when he is busy shows you trust him and that also avoid you bothering him

6. wait to hear from him

Don’t always be the first to call him when he is at work or busy at work, give him the chance to call or text you at his free hours or time, this avoids complete disturbance which could cause problems for him at work.

7. Show your independence to him

Don’t be a bothersome person that always act so dependent, try to let him miss you by doing something to make you busy and not calling him at all time. Only call or text him at the time you know he is free or on a break from his work schedule to commune with him and let him know you are also productive and doing something on your own instead of just staying idle and waiting to hear from him

8. Make Him worry about you

This is done by neglecting his calls sometimes and being unavailable to him as a sign of your independence towards him, this will make him try to spare more time to you and wanting to call you at all time instead of the reverse situation. This will make you less bothersome to your boyfriend and instead make him bother you more

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