How to Make Your GirlFriend Want You Back After She Has Left You
How to Make Your GirlFriend Want You Back After She Has Left You
How to Make Your GirlFriend Want You Back After She Has Left You

There are several reasons that makes any girl leave their boyfriend and such reason can be because of cheating, dissatisfaction, loss of attraction towards you and so on. This article will teach you how to regain your once lost girlfriend back to you.



1. Find something to impress her

Buy her things she loves and refrain from all bad habits or things you do that she hates, take her out to a nice restaurant, do something you have never once done that you know she always thought of doing as part of her life dream

2. Wait on her

Don’t just rush her to come back to you after impressing her with all the chocolate and dates and other lovely things for few days. Give her time to rethink her coming back to you after telling her you still love her and you will be different from the past she hated and left you for.

3. Don’t duplicate your mistakes

She might have told you all the things she had left you for, the bad habits, the lying, the cheating, and so on but if you want her back so much make sure you never make the same mistake twice for she might see that you will never change and leave you for good.

4. Take responsibilities for your action

Make sure she see it in your eyes and your act that you have changed and you will never do such again. Apologize to her, buy her things she likes, ask for another chance to show her you can change without looking desperate but acting honest and kind and taking responsibilities for your action.

5. Act cool and show no desperation

After she has left you and you have asked for another chance with her, make sure you don’t keep blasting her phone with text messages by asking her for her reply towards taking you back for it will show much desperation and she will take advantage of that and ignore you.  But when you act cool by waiting for her to text you first, let her call first this will make it easier for you to get her back and ask her out again.

6. Be Attractive

One of many reasons a girl leaves her boyfriend during a relationship is because she might find you not appealing or attractive in the eye. Find ways to change your looks, hair style, and dressing sense that will make you so attractive and mature for her to love you again.

7. Get her jealous

If you are the kind of guy that is attractive and can easily get another girl to make your girl friend want you back, go ahead and find a more attractive and beautiful girl to play false date with, this will get your girlfriend jealous and seeking you back.

8. Ask and Take her out

Invite her to a dinner to a lovely restaurant or if you can cook in this case bring her to eat at your place and make a romantic setting. Although she might be angry and not want to come at first, make sure you make no motive to her of why you asking her out and just plead with her to show up and tell her she can leave at once if she feels like is not feeling the dinner, then the rest is up to you if you can attract her back during dinner by making her laugh.

9. Leave/Change not all your personality

If she had dumped you because of some few bad habits, make sure you stop from repeating those habit once again to get her back. But if she is the kind that had left you because she wanted you to be more like someone else she loves in her heart, leave her and find another girl friend because you guys will never get along, the relationship will be fake as a result of her not loving you for who you are.


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