At the very moment you start seeing your female friend differently and developing certain feelings towards her that turns into love but you don’t know how to confront her and tell her by making her into your girlfriend, this article will give you some pointers on how to.



1. Know what she thinks of you first

This is done by asking her how she thinks of you after a long while you guys have been together. Ask her what sees you as, does she think of you as more than a friend or something else and if she will be willing to go on a date with you.

2. Be not too Friendly

If you are too nice and friendly to her, this will automatically turn you into her friend zone, she will not see you as a lover but as someone she can rely on as a close friend. Stay cool and make sure you don’t do favours she ask of you but instead do it to another girl infront of her, this will send her the message that you are no errand boy to her and you don’t want such relationship with her.

3. Date another girl

Make her want you more or feel the notion that she had lost you completely, because she might have been to judgmental to see she cares for you more than just a friend. This could open up her feelings towards you and make her want to ask you out as a boyfriend and not a friend thus making her not wanting to loose you to another girl.

4. Flirt more

Try making a move slowly towards her by touch her waste and her lips, trying to show her you want to kiss her. Send a direct message that you want more with her, and if she agrees to let you kiss her then it shows she is on the same page or she will give it a try, but if not that means she doesn’t have any feelings for you like that.

5. Be there for her

Some girls not the stupid ones know the right guy to choose as their boyfriend. They love guys that cares for them, buy stuffs for them, being there for them when they need them the most.

6. Know more about her

Girls love it when a guy is familiar with what they love and hate, their favourite things, hobbies and so on. This shows that you pay much attention to her when she talks to you, and this can get her to be your girlfriend.

7. Invite Her to a club or party as a couple 

Invite your female friend out to a party or club where you both can get closer and intimate by dancing or having fun, this can give you the chance and the upper hand to throw your question and ask her to be your girlfriend

8. Impress her

Impress her by buying her luxurious things like necklace, hand bags, expensive chocolates and also taking her to the movies or a nice restaurant for a romantic date. This can set the proper mood for you asking her to be your girlfriend

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