I’m among the Windows Phone fans who still believe and hoped something good was coming from Microsoft. Not just because of Microsoft, but the fact that it is still the same company with Nokia the great.

But the sad news coming to us today confirmed that Microsoft Windows Phone is dead.  According to a twitter post from Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, he revealed that the software giant is no longer developing new features or hardware for Windows 10 Mobile. But they will continue to fix bugs and security updates for its existing users.

Belfiore has also admitted to switching to Android just like Bill Gates and that Microsoft will support any Windows 10 customer who wants to use Android and iOS on their phones.

One of the major reasons why Microsoft is giving up on the Windows Phone is because developers never backed them much and thats why they didn’t have much apps. They had so many problems with their app store and they tried so hard to incent app developers to the extent of paying money but the volume of its users still remained too low for most companies to invest.

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