Do your website SEO needs
Do your website SEO needs



The Alexa Site Audit : is a powerful tool to help you optimize your site’s performance. Our Audit reports contain personalized analysis and specific recommendations for improving SEO, usability, and more.
Errors : are something you normally can’t avoid and they don’t necessarily have an immediate negative effect on your SEO performance.

Google Analytics : used to track information about the way Real Time visitors to your site interact with it. During a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, you will need to use Analytics to track the performance of your keywords in order to have a successful campaign.

Search Console : Search Console gives you direct insight from Google as to how the search engine sees your website. Check your website for any found errors, broken pages, check site indexing, etc, you will receive messages directly from Google Like if hack attack, a malware warning, a manual penalty for bad linking practices your website.

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