The PlayStation 4 Pro is expected to be launched on the 10th of November, but this has not stopped early units of the gaming consoles from making their way to a few reviewers, and one of them was kind enough to let us know what you should expect when buying the brand new PS4 Pro.

According to VG247’s Alex Donaldson, the PS4 Pro comes with an HDMI cable, a power plug which is quite similar to the one the original Xbox One uses, a Micro-USB cable that can be found in the packs of Android smartphones, and Sony’s standard headset.


The pack also comes with a Quick Start Guide manual, a leaflet for Horizon Zero Dawn, and finally, a modified DualShock 4 controller like that of the PS4 Slim. The DualShock 4 controller’s light bar has been improved so that you can see the color of light its displaying during gameplay without you have to bend it. Also, it works with older versions of the PlayStation 4 quite well.

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