Flirting with a girl or guy through text messages on the phone is considered easier than face to face flirting but still some people still don’t know the proper way to flirt, so reading this article will educate you properly on text flirting

How to Flirt Through Text Messages

Proper Tips to Flirt Through Text Messages

1. Try to Impress Your text Partner when text flirting

when texting on social media like Facebook with the opposite partner on phone, there are many ways to impress your partner like making her laugh by saying something funny, telling her stories of yourself that is more fun and not boring

2. Bring up open questions for your partner

Don’t ask stupid question from your partner on text for he/she will not reply you. make you ask things about what she likes, vacation stuff, favourite things, something to keep everything interesting.

3. Choose Your Words Carefully with you partner for they may be your last with them on social media 

the problem now-a-days with people especially guys on social media is that they don’t know how to talk to girls properly, they always act perverted and talk of sex with their partner they just met not just long on social media. Talk with sense, try to develop relationship, get to meet first and date and when she loves you and trust you, and you want her not just for sex  but for a long term relationship then you can both discuss sexual relationship

4. Throw Compliments on Your Crush to Flirt Through Texting

flirting comes easy when you throw several compliments to make your partner like you better. Always say something honest and real but not fake when complimenting your partner, it helps the flirting better

5. Teasing Your partner to Flirt Through Text Messages

Teasing your partner by saying something hilarious to her/he will make your partner interested in you, do not text your partner all the time, it draws desperation.

6. Sending  pictures to Flirt Through Text Messages

sending pictures to show your partner the crazy and fun thing you do will always keep your partner interested in you. Never send nude pictures of your private part to your partner for it draws him/her away from you.

7. proper Spelling to Flirt Through Text Messages

Nobody likes to text with someone on social media if they don’t know how to spell right all the time. When flirting with a girl through text always makes sure you compose you grammar properly or she might consider you an illiterate and hence not a proper candidate to be friend with

8. End Your Conversation on a Proper Good Note with your partner

After a long discussion online with your partner through text, the easiest way to end the conversation is by saying “i will love to have this chat with you again another time as soon as possible, Never say, “Bye!” for it shows that you have no interest

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