Do you know there are different  ways you can look taller in your outfits, I guess none has acquainted you with these fashion tricks…But today we’re gonna enlighten you on amazing secrets to look taller in your clothings.

1.      Yes!!! High heels is one of them, which everyone knows but you should always opt for the ones that befits your legs giving the impression of long legs.

2. Shirt:when rocking a shirt, cardigan or  jacket, always  wear the ones that end in your hip bone zone, Do not choose to wear the men shirt type. 

3. Skirt/Dress: This is another trick which none knows, though it might seem weird, But just know that while opting for a look taller skirt or dress, you should select the mini ones. Choose a skirt that a little wider, elongation the legs and sharing the idea of thigh gap and not the ones that hug your thighs. Apply the same trick to the dress.

4. The last but not the least is the ideal bag selection, Always rock the smaller structured bags  and not the bigger ones. Smaller bags create the grow tall impression . 

Try out these tricks today and see how it works .

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