In this article, you can learn how to make your girl or any girl want to kiss you by being so irresistible and attractive.




1. Be a gentleman

Girls are really attracted to any gentleman that dresses well, speaks well, looks gentle, kind, has a lovely character. those kind of men have the tendency to attract a kiss from any girl.

2. Spike up her Adrenalin 

Do something awesome or cool that will keep her heart rate rising in attraction towards you, be exciting, be fun, be lovely, take her out and do something so thrilling it will spike up her adrenaline and hence makes her want to kiss you

3. Give Her a Sign 

After a long and romantic conversation with a girl and you know she is already attracted to you make sure you let her know you that you want her to kiss you by giving her body language

4. Get closer 

When you are setting the mood by giving her some great compliment and discussing some interesting topics with her, make sure you get closer by holding her hands or around her arm while talking face to face with her, doing this can enable her want to kiss you

5. Dance/Club dance

This always guarantee the tension of kissing and intimacy when you and your girl or any girl is dancing alone in romantic setting with romantic music especially the slow kind of music, this will enable the girl to kiss you

6. Make the first move

Be confident when trying to make the first move to attract her to kiss you, stay close to her, hold her by the chin to show her that you want a kiss from her.

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