Nollywood veteran Actor, Richard Mofe Damijo has perplexed his fans with his latest update on his instagram page. The star actor created the impression  of his anticipation of 10.11.16 being tomorrow (10/Nov/2016) .Although he said is neither his birthday nor wedding anniversary, then what? maybe you should try out the puzzle.

Read it below.

He quotes:

“On a day I want to hang my head down in despair, I am reminded tomorrow is 10:11:16 and I smile grateful that even though I will not be sending my daughter’s the I had drafted in anticipation of Mrs Clinton’s victory at the polls, I have something to look forward to…. I’m still entertaining guesses and no it’s  not my birthday or wedding anniversary  so be more creative with your guesses.                  #RMD IS READY# 101116# 100 CLOCK# GET READY# TEN ELEVEN SIXTEEN.

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