No one can resist such beauty of this brown collection Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Silhouette which is similar to that of the color of a hazelnut which is a lovely brown color.


Although there are other colors of the adidas said to have been released from a variety of colors of red,blue, black to orange which looks so lovely and cool to wear.


But lately adidas ultra boost 3.0 is said to be adding three more awesome and lovely beautiful colours to the shoe collection which are all brown colors but distinctive and these colors are brown, Mauve and Tan.


Each colors although looking all the same brown have different unique blend of brown in them when seen with the eyes as it is added to the adidas ultra boost 3.0 colored shoe collection.


Although the shoe is said to be ready for release to the stores for purchase very soon along with the rest of the colored adidas ultra boost 3.0 collection that is already out there, it has not been revealed when it will be actually released by adidas but stay tuned to know the release date.

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