Sometimes it can get so annoying when the person you need your attention from the most is ignoring you, either it is your boyfriend, loved ones or friends. This article will show you how to prevent that from ever happening to you again.


1.Find out the cause 

At most times, there are always a set of reasons that could have caused a person or loved ones to deliberately ignore you which could be as a result of what you might have done to them consciously or unconsciously at the moment. The best way to stop them from ignoring you is by asking them the reason why they are ignoring you to settle the disputes.

2. Space 

By granting them their space even if you don’t want to ask their reason for them ignoring you also solves the problem unless they are the type that keeps malice and grudges to their grave. As time passes your friend or loved ones will either forget or oversee the problem as the past and eventually stop ignoring you and start talking to you once again.

3. Sharing Jokes

No matter how mad or angry the people that are ignoring are towards you, they can easily be freed from their grudges by you communicating with them and sharing jokes that they usually  love, that will make them laugh and stop ignoring you once again.

4. Apology

This is done after noticing that you are the cause of their reason for them ignoring. Try and be sincere when apologizing to them even if what you did to make them ignore you was totally unpurpose or not.

5. Don’t put yourself down

Even if you have apologized for your mistakes and the person ignoring you still doesn’t want to speak with you, that doesn’t mean you should worry and blame yourself too much by thinking negatively and putting yourself down. Give the person time and space after apologizing and if the person cares about you, he/she will speak with you again.

6. Seek Friends Help

Sometimes you might be wondering why a particular person or your loved ones is ignoring you and you simply have no idea of what you have done or the reason for the person ignoring you and you don’t know how to address the matter, call any other friends you got and seek their advice.

7. Fighting is not the key

I know how annoying it gets when your friend or boyfriend ignores you and you believe you know the reason why they are ignoring you but you don’t want to admit your wrong or apologize but instead confront them with so much anger burning up in your body and release them all at once at the moment of your confrontation. This will never solve the case at all, even if you are right and the other person is wrong be the matured one and settle the issue by talking to the person and apologizing first.


Sometimes you might be to shy or a coward to confront the person you have angered face to face to settle the dispute. it is also easy to apologize and ask them through text messages why they are ignoring you and apologize if you are at fault.

9. Be Busy

Staying busy helps you forget that someone is ignoring you and hence makes them confront you when they see that you are productive and you are doing your own thing without their help.

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