It is pretty difficult to know what girls could be thinking in school, maybe she is into you or not but you can’t tell. This article will teach you how to look out for signs that any girl in your school likes you.



1. Attention

Any girl who gives you the most attention in school, wanting to be close to you at all time in class and maybe even want to be sitting beside you in every lectures shows how much she likes you and is into you.

2. Helps out a lot

A girl who likes you in school will always want to help out with any thing you find difficult doing yourself, like assignment, classwork, errands, she will always love it when you call on her for assistance and be eager to do it at once even when occupied.

3. Take on same activities with you

Sometimes you might notice she will join any social club group that you are into just to be closer to you and  be your friend even if the club is not her thing or interesting in that thing, such as acting club, glee club, football club, science club, dance club,and so on.


4. Face expression/body language

The expression on her face can tell if she likes you especially when you talk to her closely. If she is in a hurry to leave your side when you are talking to her, her face will make the certain expression that you are wasting her time and that means she is not interested in you but if she acts shy near you, it means she likes you. She will also tend to smile a lot close to you when you are talking to her

5. Gossips of you to her friend

All girls like to gist or gossip to their fellow girlfriends in school about their favorite guy or crush and who they will like to date or have as a boyfriend in school or in their life. If they certainly like you they is always going to be a topic about you she is going to discuss with her friends in school on maybe how cute you are or friendly and how she might ask you out and so on.

6. Buy you things

If a girl likes you in school, she will always like to get you a snack on her way to school or prepare something special to give you. Especially in times like the valentine’s day she will insist to be your valentine in secret and be the first to get you something without you knowing she wants to be your valentine or knowing she likes you.

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