Kissing someone taller than you that is your loved one can be a little difficult when you want to kiss them while standing in public or private. This article will teach you the best way to kiss someone you love that is taller than you or that you are taller than.




1. Level the playing field

If you are the short boyfriend that wants to kiss your taller girlfriend, you can either carry her while holding her on the waist and her holding you around your shoulders while on the air if you are the strong type so that her face can match yours and you can kiss her, it is more matured and less embarrassing than you climbing a pavement to kiss her mouth, but if the girl is shorter than you and you are the tall one you can also lift her up the same romantically or allow your girl to climb a pavement to kiss you. you can also bend or lean your face downward closer to her face while lifting up her chin with your finger to kiss her, at that moment she could be up in her heels like she is about to lift of the ground, this method is the most romantic way of kissing especially when the girl is the shorter one and trying to reach to your lips by tip-toeing.

2. Both sit on the same chair 

This is also a best method of kissing a girl taller than you or you kissing a girl that you are taller than, it helps level the playing field better without any stress of neck when trying to reach for the lips for a kiss, it is comfortable and also makes it easy for each other to hold faces properly while kissing instead of one staying on their tip toes to hold the taller ones face while kissing.

3. Lying down

This is also a easy way to kiss someone taller than you. When you both are lying down on a bed or a large couch where you guys can flirt with each other better and stay on the same face level for easy kissing, the shorter couple will move up to the level of the taller couple by shifting upwards to their face to enable the kiss.

4. Throwing kisses

Throwing kisses is also easy way to kiss your taller loved ones, this is also called air kissing whereas you signify imaginatively that you are kissing the person you love by kissing your hands and throwing the kiss to your loved one’s lips.

5. kissing through text or video chat

By sending kissing emoji to your taller loved one although indirectly like throwing kisses but through text message on the phone and also one the computer system or laptop through video chat

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