kissing is an art of expressing your emotion or feelings to your loved ones especially your boyfriend. There are several ways and method of kissing your loved ones you admire, this article will show you how and the ways to kiss your guy or boyfriend properly.



1. Place your hands around him

The most effective way of kissing a guy or your boyfriend is by placing or wrapping your arms around him precisely on his shoulders and at his back of his neck. This enable you to focus and perform the proper kissing on your boyfriend while being relaxed around him.

2. Preparation

Before engaging yourself into kissing your boyfriend make preparation to go close to him and holding him closer while staring at his face to give the signal to him that you are about to kiss him. This method also enables the boyfriend to see the kiss coming and also prepare himself for your kiss.

3. Set the mood

This is done by you making conversation with your boyfriend, talking of something romantic to him, flirting with him and throwing yourself at him to show him that you are into him and interested in him. After the conversation or in the middle of the conversation when you are sitting so close to him you are easily able to engage your kiss towards his lips.

4. Let him make the first move

Some girls or most girls are of the believe that they must not be the one to make the first move during a kiss. They usually are in the mood for a kiss but only give body language to the guy by sometimes biting their lips to show they want a kiss from the guy and thus making the guy to making the first move.


5. Text kissing

It is also easy to express your love to your boyfriend or to someone you love by sending kissing emoji through text messages that shows you are kissing him but indirectly.

6. Short kiss

Sometimes it is best to start your kiss in a short manner when kissing your boyfriend. Start by a small peck on the lips or cheeks then if it shows your boyfriend or the person you love is interested then you can continue the kiss and make a long one to his mouth before ending it.


7. French kiss

This is a very long and romantic way of kissing your loved ones, which could take up to about 2 minutes or longer. it shows your commitment and your love when french kissing him.

8. Make your lips presentable

This is done by making your lips attractive with lip gloss or lipstick to arouse the boy you want to kiss. This makes the boy even want to kiss you when he sees you are close to him with a presentable lips.

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