In a situation when you are dating a girl and trying to impress her in every possible ways but you are unaware if the girl likes you back or not at all, this article will show you how to detect the signs to know exactly how the girl you are dating thinks of you.




1. You are always the one talking 

In a situation where you and the girl are on a date or dating, if she doesn’t have or find any interest in you she will never share conversation with you. The only thing she will do is listen to you talk and when you ask about what is going on with her life, she will refuse to answer but say nothing much. She tends to keep to herself at all time and feel the sense that you are not the person she feels she can share her life story with.


2. Leaves you

When she sees she is going no where with you in a relationship, she will end all relations with you by telling you she is not interested in you and doesn’t want to go out with you again and that you are not her type.

3. Avoid you

Also when you want to know if a girl doesn’t like you again, she will avoid you at all time by ignoring your calls and text messages you send to her, she will never reply and worse she could even block you from her contact list

4. Lies/Cancels dating plans with you

Every time you ask a girl that doesn’t like you at all on a date she will tend to always lie that she is busy that she can’t go on a date with you even if you ask her on the weekend when she is entirely free from any work or plans.

5. Not smile/Laugh at your jokes

If a girl doesn’t like you, no matter what you say or try to do to make her smile or laugh she will never smile or laugh with you but have a grin on her face like she is uncomfortable and have no interest in you at all.

6. Rush out early on a date

When a girl that you are on a date with doesn’t like you and seem to have lost interest with you during the time you are both out on a date in a restaurant, she tends to fake a meeting that she needs to be somewhere fast right now and lie she had a good time and immediately rush out on you in the middle of a date.

7. Not intimate

When you are dating a girl and she feels no zing towards you while you were both on a date, you will notice she will never want to hold hands or sit close to you or relate with you and at the end of the date she will want no kiss from you but maybe just a hug and request she walks home alone without your escort.

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