If you are feeling betrayed or used by your ex-lover who just dumped you after taking advantage of you through out your relationship with him/her, and he/she was just dating you for your money, for sex or for connection and so on. This article will show you several method you can get back at your ex by plotting a revenge for them.



1. Hacking their social platform

If you are the kind that knows your way around the internet and have the ability to hack anyone or pay to hack, you can hack your ex-lover social platform either Facebook or twitter or Instagram and do whatever you want to embarrass them, maybe by posting pranks or who they truly are or lie about somethings about them to get people running away from them or trying to arrest them.

2. Make them jealous

Dating someone who is far better than your ex lover in physiques and wealth, this will make your ex want you back or feel the motioned they had lost something great in their life by taking you for granted hence feeling so jealous of your new lover. You can also date your ex lover’s best friend or friend to get them more jealous.

3. Showing continuous life enjoying status of you on his/her social platform 

By showing them picture evidence of you travelling to different countries or state for holidays, new business deals, great achievements and endorsement, new successful girlfriend/boyfriend on their social platform like Facebook will make them so pissed and jealous and feel regrets of loosing you.

4. Try telling lies to his/her new lover about him

Some people can go through the great length to get the perfect revenge on their ex by meeting their ex’s new lover in secret and telling deceitful lies to them about who they are dating like he is serial killer or rapist or even worse or less to get them running away.

5. By trashing their property 

This is done if you have every detail of your ex schedule in mind and you are able to visit their home without any one noticing, you can easily go breaking stuffs like their expensive home appliances, decorations, or rides or stealing stuffs from their home like expensive jewelries to use or sell for their gain.

6. By publicly sharing rumors

You can easily share rumors about your ex lover either on social platform or with their neighbors where they stay at, by saying things like he is a pervert, a rapist, a pedophile, or an abusive man in the case of if the person is a male but if your ex is a female and you getting the revenge on her is a male, you can say she is a prostitute, lie that she sleeps around with with young and old men.

7. Beating your ex lover ( for females only)

This advice is for the girls who have been cheated and back stabbed by their male ex. you can plan a beat down at a point he doesn’t see it coming but it is adviceable to do it with more than one accomplice for safety and greater effect.

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