This article give you tips on the signs to point out to detect or know if your closest or best friend loves you more than just a friend.



1. His/Her body language

It will be obvious when your best friend start loving you more than just a friend by showing body signs like him/her always holding you close by the shoulders, or the long stare they give to you when they are talking or having a conversation with you

2. Need someone to cry on

Your best friend will always come to you in times of needs or depression or fight she/he had gone through the day with either their family or friend. They will always need a shoulder to cry on and feel the need to tell someone ‘that is you’ all their problem, this shows they trust you and love you.

3. Talks about you

If your best friend loves you dearly they will talk to their other friends telling them how much they care so much about you and might confess to them that they love you.

4. Jealous

If you want to know if your best friend is in love with you, they get jealous easily when they see you dating another person, of seeing someone else much more than them, they will confront you and ask you if you are seeing someone else and their face expression of disappointment and jealousy will tell if you say yes

5. Come to spend alone time with you

They tend to visit more often and get into your room to speak with you all the time in private about things that is going on, they will always want to lye next to you in your bed or in your couch just to talk or play games with you.

6. Flirting

Your best friend will flirt with you a lot by touching you on the lips, buttocks or waist when talking with you, especially when they are talking of things funny, romantic and so on.

7. Ask Him/Her Directly

Asking your best friend directly of what he/she thinks of you is the easiest way to clear the air and know if they love you more like a friend or more than just a friend. This is best done privately when you two are alone and having a conversation at your place.


8. Ask His/Her Friends or Siblings

Sometimes you can just head straight and talk to any other friends of your best friend or his/her sister or brother to ask what feeling they have for you to know if they love you more than just a friend.

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