Bethesda late last week released a few suggestions regarding how to improve the PC version’s performance for Dishonored 2, as players of the newly released game made various complaints about the issues they faced while playing the game, especially on mid-ranged PCs. The unfortunate aspect about the suggestions Bethesda released, was that it was simply an advice telling users to simply reduce their configuration settings.

However, the studio disclosed that a proper update which would fix the issues PC users were facing is on the way.

“We have been monitoring the PC forums and social channels and while we’re excited to hear that many of you are enjoying the game, we are disheartened that some of you are experiencing PC performance issues on some systems. We are actively working to provide an update to address your concerns. The patch and its release notes will be available in the coming days. “With the feedback our support group has received, we are preparing a patch intended to provide improvements to allow for more consistent frame rates on affected systems and provide an update to the mouse code for smoother input.”

Until the update is released, Bethesda recommends that PC users facing this issue with Dishonored 2 keep to its earlier advice, as well as checking in on their  Steam Community Guides for more help.


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