That moment you feel love or liking for a girl who is already in a relationship with another boy, loose not all hope for there is still a fighting chance to steal her away. This article will show you various tips or methods you can use to steal or snatch the girl of your dream from her present boyfriend,



1. Know her first

Before you can snatch a girl from her boyfriend make sure you are already her friend, this is the basic step for you to begin your long plans of stealing her away. Be her close friend that she can depend on other than her boyfriend and get enough time to relate with her and understand more about her in terms of her interest and all.

2. Impress her

Impress her by buying her things all the time like expensive necklace, wrist-watch, shoes etc, take her out to a place within her category of interest that will be memorable for both of you, make her happy by being there for her, make her laugh and let her get fund of you. This will make her develop emotions for you and conflicting mind towards her love for her boyfriend.

3. Give her your attention

Take advantage of the times her boyfriend will be out of town or unavailable to her and give her your attention by being there for her, make her realize that you will always be there for her, chat with her more often and offer to take her out to different places that is more special than a regular place her boyfriend could have been taking her too.

4. Be more attractive/talented

A girl will definitely love to be with you if she sees that you are everything she wants in a guy most especially if you are attractive and you have beautiful singing talent or can play any instrument such as the piano, guitar,  like violin and so on while singing.

5. Let her trust you

Give her a reason to trust you by always being her friend, buying her things she likes, being there for her in hard times when her boyfriend is not, support her financially, emotionally, and in every other thing she needs support for. By doing all this, there is no way she would not trust you and think of you when her boyfriend is misbehaving or not satisfying her needs.

6. Make her more happy than her boyfriend

When you are buying her things are boyfriend can’t or taking her places her boyfriend couldn’t or relating with her and sharing many thoughts and interest with her that her boyfriend refuse too, she tends to be more happy when chatting or relating with you  and this gives you the edge or chance to steal her away from her boyfriend when she realizes he is not as good as you are to her.

7. Be successful to compel her

Find ways to compel her into wanting to be with you and not her current boyfriend, by being more attractive, nice, successful, hardworking, driven, confident and more. if she notice you possess all these features it will easy to flirt with her and relate with her more. Every girl wants to be in a relationship with a guy that they see their great future with, they tend to see themselves having a long lasting, happy relationship and having children, a lovely house and a life with no financial stress and worries with them. So be more successful to be compelling or to compel her into being with you.


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