The moment you start liking a girl but you want to confess to her that you like her and want to be her boyfriend without getting negative reply from her, this article will give you several tips on how to tell a girl you like her without being rejected.



1. Know her first

When trying to tell a girl you like her, you must have already been her friend for a while which could give you the advantage. You don’t just meet a girl for the first time and say you like her because there are many possible chance that she will reject you for not knowing you in the first place.

2. Write a love poem

This is done after the girl is fund of you and you are not just a new person to her. Every girl loves to receive a love poem with flowers and chocolates and they get attracted easily to the person that writes the poem to them. She will definitely consider being your girlfriend.

3. Buy her things/send her gifts

Getting her a lot of gifts will show her that you care for her and you like her, if she always accepts your gifts gladly and happily then you can confront her and tell her you like her even though she already feels that you do through your gifts.

4. Avoid Early Romantic gestures

If you are just meeting the girl for the first time maybe in school or at work and you develop certain interest for her, you just don’t go straight to her and say you like her and say things like she is the most beautiful thing you have ever since on the face of the planet, this will make the girl not take you serious because you don’t know her and she doesn’t know you either, she will tend to leave your side.

5. Texting/chatting

Having a chat when you like a girl helps you relate more with her. You can say funny things to her, tell her some cool story if you can, then ask for her number then chat further with her later and develop a relationship bond before saying you like her and she is beautiful.

6. Talk in private

You could talk to a girl you very well know in private and confess to her that you like her or more, although it is a risk but if the girl is fund of you she will not reject you


7. Give her compliments

Giving a girl you know and like various compliments is a sweet thing because it shows your compassion and attention towards her. This is done by telling her she is beautiful, has lovely smile, beautiful hair, nice accent, and more, it helps flirt with the girl and telling her you like her.

8. By taking her to a date

Every girl knows when you ask them on a date you are into them and want to spend more time knowing them. This date will give you both more time to relate and talk and get intimate, it is one of the easiest way of telling a girl you like her afterwards without getting rejected.

9. Staying positive


Even though you have confessed to a girl that you like her and you get rejected by he, do not stay sad or disappointed, try and be positive, stay happy and move on to another girl who will like you for you and want to go out with you.

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