There could be a situation or reason whereby your girlfriend start ignoring you due to you having hurt her feelings by cheating on her, dissatisfying her, not being there for her, avoiding her every needs and more, this article will show you the proper way to make her stop ignoring you or avoiding you and start paying attention to you.



1. Ask her the reason for her ignoring you

Sometimes we might be clueless on what we have done to hurt our girlfriend, maybe she found out something about you that displeases her and makes her disappointed enough to ignore you. Ask her what the matter is all about and why she keeps ignoring you at all time.

2. Apologize

After you have realized that you are the one at fault and you have done something to offend her so dearly, try apologizing to her sincerely and honestly, not rudely and make improvements to yourself by not repeating the same mistakes again.

3. Make her smile/ laugh 

Try to flirt with her by playing with her again, talking to her and telling her jokes to make her laugh or smile with you to stop avoiding you,

4. Reconcile/Never avoid her

Just because your girlfriend is ignoring you that doesn’t mean the best way to deal with this issue is by ignoring her too and doing your own thing alone and taking care of yourself alone. If you do this your girlfriend will be mad  even more at you at leave you, try comforting her even though she still don’t want to talk to you, do some chores for her and this will get her to forgive you and stop ignoring you

5. Buy her things/Impress her

Take her out for expensive shopping to impress her, also taking her out to a nice restaurant will do the trick. Find any means necessary to make her stop getting mad at you by ignoring you, also proper gift likes necklace, bags, shoes, watch, or earrings can be of a good trick to convincing her back to you and hence stop ignoring you.

6. Pay attention to her

It is good to always pay attention to your girlfriend’s life for they could be ignoring you because they are dating someone else, or ignoring you because you forgot to do something so important for them when you promised too or she could just be ignoring you to get back at you for ignoring her most times she needed you. If you want to avoid all these problems try and pay close attention to your girlfriend everyday even though you are occupied.

7. Resolving issues

This is after you have asked your girlfriend her reason for ignoring you, try and resolve the matter at hand. The matter could be she doesn’t like the way you treat her, maybe you are always tired to listen to her when she wants to share conversation with you, or your lateness from work and many more. Try and find a pact and make an agreement with her that you will resolve the ongoing problems that she mentioned is going on.

8. Ignore her

Sometimes depending on the kind of girlfriend no matter what you do to convince her to stop ignoring you by talking to her and pleading with her, she will keep ignoring you like you don’t exist anymore, she could even decide to avoid your calls and text. This kind of girl if you just keep apologizing to her and begging her to stop avoiding you through text or calls or face to face she will have a certain ego that makes her keep avoiding you the more you keep trying to convince her. The only solution is you ignoring her instead of begging her, move on with your life and act like you don’t need her, this will eventually make a her snap out of her nonsense ego and come crawling back to you

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