Nike Dunk SB  Recently released their latest innovating SB’s shoe-box inspired by Dunk series which is gotten from the same pink box design which was a trend in the year 2005.


This particular pink shoe box is considered by many fans to be the best because of its stylish features which emulates the Nike shoes kept inside it with similar color.

The Nike Dunk SB sneakers that are kept in the pink box contain some awesome features such as the reflective upper pink sole, black Nike Logo and a shoe box logo represented onto its heel. Although there are many colors to the Nike SB sneakers apart from the pink such as white, orange and black, the Nike pink box which is used for packaging the pink designed sneakers are more lovely.


Nike brand’s most recognizable packaging box and sneakers is said to be available on November 25 for sales during black friday. so stay prepared if you willing to purchase the sneakers.


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