Movie Director David Yates recently spoke about the plans they have installed for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie series. Although it remains uncertain if Yates will be responsible for directing all five of the movies, but during an interview will Collider, Yates discussed his commitment towards the series.

Yates admitted wanting to create all five of the movies, but agreed that it was going to be a “massive undertaking.” However, he made it clear that he was willing to step away at anytime to allow another director contribute to the success of the series. According to him the statement he made:

“You know, it’s lovely being part of it and I love doing it. How long will I stay with it? I’d like to say I want to stay with it for the whole thing. The only thing that makes my knees wobble a little bit is just the sheer volume. Five movies over eight years is a massive undertaking, so I have to be careful that I’m able to give everything.”

“If there’s any point in that period where I go, ‘You know what, it might be wise to step away for a bit,’ I would, to give someone else a shot.”


Based on some reports from Entertainment Weekly, Yates so far, has only signed a contract to direct Fantastic Beasts 2, and isn’t aware if he will be directing the three remaining sequels in the series.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Yates claimed that he was committed to the movie franchise, and also stated that he intended on taking things one movie after the other.¬†“I only look at it movie-to-movie,” he said.

British novelist, screenwriter and movie producer J.K. Rowling confirmed earlier this year that the Fantastic Beasts Series would be no fewer than five movies and that the second movie of the series will be acted in Paris.



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