1. Find ways to make him realize you are better

Look for ways to attract the man by being more lovable and better than his present wife. This will make the man realize you are the perfect match for him and that his wife is a mistake of choice. Let him realize that he chose the wrong woman to marry and see you as his right choice of wife.

2. Be seductive/attractive

be more attractive and beautiful than his wife, stay sexy, classy and elegant always. A man loves a beautiful woman that he can take out in public and brag about, so if you can be sexy by exposing part of your body to openly attract and seduce him through your dress style and makeup, he will be drawn and tempted to you.

3. Be successful

There is nothing more than having a wife that has accomplish many things in life and that is successful and goal driven, a self independent woman, a business woman or an entrepreneur, a woman that can give you a high social status and ease your financial stress. If you are a successful woman it will be easy to make the man of your dream leave his wife for you.

4. Never force him to be with you

Instead of trying to breakup his relationship with his current wife by forcing him to leave her or threatening him with something, try an understand his situation, be his friend, make him happy and support him even after you have told him you want him, he will eventually see the difference between you and his wife and later want to be with you.

5. Be caring

In some cases, even if the man you want for yourself has married a wife, you can be his girlfriend by being there for him, caring for him and his current wife or kids, let him get fund of your kindness and in time if his relationship with his current wife goes bad, he will turn his attention to you and easily marry you knowing you will be there for him and his kids.

6. Make him jealous 

If you want a man to leave his wife for you, try and make him jealous by dating a man better than him and showing your happiness in your relationship to him by visiting him with your man and posting pictures of you and your man having much fun on his social platform, posting sexy pictures of yourself maybe in beautiful revealing clothes like bikini and gown along with your man to him make him want you more and realize his wife beauty is not up to yours

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