When you know you have done something wrong to make your ex boyfriend leave you for another girl or he just never seemed to love you or develop an interest with you, this article will show you ways of how you can make your ex boyfriend want you back.



1. Change your previous unlikable ways

All the character and features he didn’t see pleasing when he was with you try and be better and be more like the girl he had hoped to be with, if it is your bad behavior or dressing,  or lack of attractiveness, change all that to convince him back.

2. Be attractive

Be beautiful and more attractive by keeping your attention on your appearance, wearing lovely dress and makeup to make you more appealing to your ex boyfriend, so that when next he sees you he will want you back and fast.

3. Give him space

Give him space to rethink everything about you after convincing him to be more better and wanting to try again with him. Let him have the choice to choose without you forcing him or disturbing him to come back to you, show him you new changed self and willingness to be better.

4. Make him jealous

Go ahead and date someone more attractive and better than your boyfriend to make him jealous, date his close friends or any other friend of yours he know and let him see how much you are happy with this new found boyfriend of yours. This will make him jealous and want you back.

5. Have fun

Have fun by travelling, going out with other guys, playing with friends, let him see that you are not crying over him but finally moving on and more happy than ever. let him see that you do not depend on his love to survive and this will make him feel contempt and jealous of you and want to be with you.

6. Be there for him

Even though he has broken up with you for some reason, still be his friend and play with him, be there for him even though he doesn’t need your attention, let him know you still love him and care and this will make him guilty of breaking up with you and wanting to try again with you.

7. Apologize and don’t repeat your mistakes

Apologize to him for the wrong things you might have done to make him leave you and make sure you let him know you have realized your mistakes and willing to change and not repeat the same mistakes again.

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