Nigerian comedian and actor Ayo Richard Makun popularly known as AY spoke about his recently released movie “A Trip to Jamaica” which is the sequel to his hit move “30 Days in Atlanta.” The actor/comedian showed confidence about his movie as he said even the terrible financial state of the country would have little or no impact on the movie’s patronage.

The popular comedian during an interview with Planet TV on the 14th of November, through Instagram wrote:

Recession has got nothing on the movie, trust me.”

As a matter of fact, I think it’s God, I always tell people that I’m a product of grace, I don’t act like I’m the best, I don’t come out like I produce the very best of movies but somehow I just experience grace which is also interwoven with solid hard work.”

AY further explained that the movie was created to help relieve the stress of Nigerians and the challenges they faced in their day to day activities.

And all I can say is “A Trip To Jamaica” is doing awesomely well and of course with the recession going on, it’s just what we need in Nigeria to just ease off.”

A Trip to Jamaica which premiered on the 30th of September, 2016, has grossed over ₦80 million since its release.

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