Most people don’t know that with a line or few romantic words they are able to capture a girl’s heart and make them theirs forever. In this article i will give to you some poetic words you can say to any girl friend of yours to make her yours.


List of poetic words you can to a Girl:

  1. It will take the end of the world just to leave your side forever

2. My life has no meaning without you everyday by my side

3. you are perfect just the way you are

4. They say a picture tells 1000 words but when I see a                    picture of you, I see only 3 words and that is “I Love                    You”

5. The only big yes i want with you in my life is saying yes i             do during our marriage

6. you light up my world and even the darkest place in my              heart

7. Even in the afterlife or second life you are still my choice

8. It takes two to conquer the world and you are my second

9. I consider myself the luckiest person on the planet for                 having you by my side.”
10. I usually fear that having to feel love is what is going to              make me weak and vulnerable but with you it will make            me stronger and powerful.

11. I can conquer the whole world with you by my side

12. There is nothing in this face of the earth that will stop                 me from seeing you or being with you

13. I will be your shield and protector

14. Leave home and come live in my heart

15. Even in blindness there is nothing stopping me from                    recognizing your beauty

16. No man or being will see you and decide to walk pass                  you without tripping on the floor

17. My heart rate rises just at the thought of you

18. Even though it takes up to an interval of 5 years just to             see your face once in a day, i will gladly wait for each                  intervals of time

19. Your eyes are like the constellation of the stars

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