Making a girl jealous is done to attract her attention towards you, Although there are several reasons for you making a girl jealous, one of which as a guy you could want the girl missing you and one of which as a girl it is to make your friend upset and feel envy as a way of getting a revenge on her.



1. Go out with other girl friends

In order for you as a girl or guy to make a girl especially your ex jealous, try and go out with other girl more attractive than her or even go out with her close friends to make her jealous or be friends with other girls to make her jealous.

2. Ignore her

Never pay attention to her even if she asks you for help, try and ignore her completely by going out with other friend, socialize with other girls, be a close friend and share your thought and feelings with another, don’t reply her text messages or calls to show her you don’t need her.

3. Be happy

Make sure you have loads of fun hanging around with other girls and being happy relating and making conversation with them. If she sees you are better off without her and having more fun without her by going out and having a new girl friend, she will be jealous of your happiness

4. Make Plans with another girl

Also when you want to make a girl jealous, make plans with another girl in front of the girl you are trying to make jealous, plans like dating plans, hanging out plan, reading together plans and so on. This will make her so jealous that she will see you already have a girl to make plans with and you are happy with.

5. Be nice to other girl

By doing a lot of things for another girl will make her jealous, things such as helping her out, except the girl you making jealous and giving the other your attention and services.

6. By gifts for another

This is done by getting gifts for other girls except her to make her jealous. When she sees that you bought something lovely for another girl such as necklace, hand bracelet,earrings etc, she will be so jealous that you spent a lot on another and not her

7. Social platform

Make her jealous by posting pictures of you with another girl happy together on your social platform and tagging her so she can see and envy your happiness and get jealous of you both.

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