There is a first time for everything and also a first time in making out with a girl, this article will show you steps to carry out when making out with a girl for the first time without problems of you spoiling it your first time.



1. Privately

When you plan on making out with a girl for the first time try and get a private place to relate and get comfortable. A place like your home in your bedroom where you have your own personal space without any disturbance is the right spot to make out with a girl.

2. Stay close and Stare at her eyes 

When you are alone with a girl and you are both having a long conversation, make sure you stare at her eyes every time, hold her and stay close to her, this process will initiate the intimacy between the two of you

3. Don’t rush the process

When having a conversation with the girl privately make sure you listen to her when she talks and also share thoughts while waiting patiently for the right moment to make your move on her. Do not immediately start forcing her or yourself on her to kiss or make out with her, this will make her realize you just don’t care about her and just want her for her body thus making her leave you.

4. Touch her 

While having a flowing conversation with her make sure you touch her gently and little by little starting from her hair then to her face and chin showing her signs you want to make out with her.

5. Kiss her slowly

when making out with a girl start to kiss her slowly from the neck up to her lips and hold her gently while kissing her before engaging the lips

6. Caress her

This is done by rubbing your hands on certain part of her body while making out with her. Hold the back of her head gently when kissing her, then go down to her waist and hold firmly while still making out with her, then gently rub or caress your hands between her laps or the back of her buttocks while kissing or making out with her.

7. Set the mood

Before making out with her set the mood by saying some romantic words to her, flirt with her to get her attention, spike up her hormones by impressing her by sharing some things with her like love story, or heroic deeds you have done or something impressive that can attract her into wanting to make out with you.

8. Do not take breaks 

In the process of you making out with her, don’t leave her side and say you want to do something quick before continuing by taking excuse, this will make her mad and loose interest in the moment thus making her to leave you. A girls hormones can easily be retracted if you do stop at the moment of your making out with her when she was in the mood

9.  Say beautiful things to her

It is best to compliment on a girl  when making out with her, this will make her more aroused and in love with you. words like you are so hot, your have a sexy body, you are so gorgeous, you have beautiful eyes, you have nice lips you can say to her while making out.

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