That moment when you have been separated from your ex boyfriend for a while now but you still have certain emotions for him and want him to get you back by making him like you, this article will show you ways to make your ex boyfriend or crush that once liked you like you again.



1. Be his friend

The only way you can start making him like you once again is by staying close to him and being his friend. This initiates all process to developing a relationship with him once more again.

2. Be attractive

Be more attractive than you once were when you both were still together. Get in shape by going to gym classes or yoga class, and beautify your body with make up and lovely revealing clothes that will make him trip for you once again.

3. Be happy and free

Stay happy and free by going out, having more fun than you once were, by going to exciting places, travelling to great countries like Paris or Italy for holiday and dating someone else. This will make him miss you and like you again wanting to be with you once more and have a relationship with you.

4. Make him jealous

Go out with someone more attractive and exciting than your ex, let him see how much you both are having fun kissing each other, relating and dating with each other. this will make him jealous and have a interest in you once more again.

 5. Be nice

If he sees how much you are nice talking to him and getting him little things, he will like you, he will miss you and have a interest in you once more asking you out again and wanting to be with you.

6. Organize a party

Organize a party where he can get an invitation easily without knowing its from you and during the party, wear a lovely revealing dress and act like you are reserved or busy to see him even if you are not and when he had notice you in the party looking so beautiful and all alone he will tend to approach you and wanting to relate with you thus showing his interest towards you.


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