There is a always a problem of communication when it comes to a shy girl, they don’t easily share thoughts or conversation when with a girl, they tend to keep quite and say little words at all time while smiling with you. In the public when you are on a date with them they feel everyone around them keeps staring at them. In this article, i will tell you what a shy girl thinks, if she is in love,like and interested in you or not



1. Body language

you can know if a shy girl likes you through her body language, she will always smile when with you and tend to stare longer at you without approaching you if she is not close to you and also sometimes she tends to look away when she notice you have caught her staring straight at you. She also loves to put her face down as a sign of her afraid and not wanting to look at your face when you trying to communicate with her.

2. Bite her lips

Shy girls love biting their lips face down if they are interested in you so much, they tend to be aroused easily when you talk to them and flirt with them if they like you or easily irritated by you if they don’t like you when you talk to them

3. Attention

A shy girl tends to give you attention without you noticing that she likes you, she will ask for favors or wanting you to help her for some things not needing help for just to be with you. when a shy girl likes you for example in school if you are not good at some topics such as maths, although she knows but she can ask you to tutor her just so that she can be with you when she knows exactly who knows and can properly tutor her the maths.

4. She secretly gets your contacts 

A shy girl most time are too afraid to see you directly and ask for your number or social platform, that is why they are called shy, they easily feel comfortable asking another person for your contacts and begin conversation with you through the phone instead of directly face to face with you

5. They always are the first to call

If a shy girl likes you they love to be the first to contact you on phone or your social platform for a chat and if you ask them why they don’t confront you directly in class or at home, they will tend to give a shy reason, that they want no one knowing about her crush for you. Maybe they are embarrass to see you in public eye.

6. They laugh at your jokes

Any girl including a shy girl laughs to any small joke you say even if its funny or not, this shows they pretty much like you and want to be with you.

7. Ask her friend

In order to know if a shy girl likes you, you can easily confront her friends who knows more about her and the people she has a crush on to ask if she likes you or not, which could be a yes or no.

8. Ask her directly

A shy girl never likes to reveal her thoughts easily to even those she likes, but if you notice some signs and believe you want to clear your mind by asking her directly then go ahead and do so for she might have a crush or interest in you.

9. Stalking you

A shy girl will always stalk you in every movement you make why staring at you from afar in a hiding position not too concealing. she will tend to know where you hang out most if it is in your school, places like your favorite reading spot or hang out places, and follow you, this shows she likes you but too scared to confront you.

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